What We Do

The MJLC operates through three interconnected branches: our study group, journal and educational materials. Between these branches, we aim to create change both within our local group and beyond into the community. 

Study Group:  The Madison Journal of Literary Criticism is a study group that meets weekly and functions primarily through reading and discussion. Tying together selected readings, local politics, and open forums, we discuss and critique the narratives and narrative implications of anything and everything that interests us. From movie analysis to unspoken narrative implications of both policy and activism, we aim to be a space where questioning/criticism serves as the starting place for new ideas. 

Journal: Alongside our study group, we have an editorial board that curates both externally submitted pieces and study group member features. Our journal is an anthology of criticism not limited to the academic format. We accept artwork, written work, traditional academic papers, journalistic features, op-eds, concept maps, and anything that acts as a form of criticism. Consisting of both submissions and staff written features, our journal is meant to showcase all forms of criticism. 

Educational Materials: As a study group, we rely heavily upon pre-existing, curated reading lists and self produced lesson plans. While we discuss and study, we document our process in hopes that our work can be emulated, shared, expanded, transformed, and critiqued. For the sake of transparency, we aim to document our entire process: our study group notes, our reading lists, our sources, and our reflections. We shall release discussion guides following our weekly meetings and lesson plans based on our conversations.