Call for Editors

Apply to be a Member of the MJLC Editorial Board


The Madison Journal of Literary Criticism is soliciting Editorial Board applications for Fall 2022 onward. The Editorial Board offers its members firsthand experience in editing, publishing, finance, and public relations, as well as the unique opportunity to participate in an international selection process. This is an excellent and rare opportunity for all literature and non literature majors, and especially for those considering graduate school or a career in publishing. All University of Wisconsin- Madison students are eligible to apply, regardless of year or major.

If interested in serving on the Editorial Board, please complete the application and send it to Any questions may also be directed to that address. Underclassmen are especially encouraged to apply.

Applications will not be reviewed until mid September of 2022. 

Board Member Responsibilities

We hold brief, weekly meetings to discuss the pieces under review and other administrative club business. All roles on the MJLC editorial board are volunteer positions.

Associate Editors: Responsible for reading and evaluating 2-3 pieces per week to prepare the journal for publication. Each Editor will apply to a specific area of work: art, poetry, prose, non fiction, fiction, or academic essays. Along with reading and evaluating submissions, managing editors oversee and direct small groups of associate editors also assigned to their section. They are also responsible for listening to member and editors’ input, compiling their remarks and delivering their ranking submissions to the executive board for final review. We are looking for editors who are passionate about literary criticism and the theme of our publication, as well as those who are strong in both reading and writing skills. 

 Special Positions

This academic year, the MJLC has many special positions open. Simply mention the position in your application and you will be considered for it.

Managing Director: Responsible for coordinating between the editors and making sure that all pieces are being reviewed by the deadlines. We are looking for managing directors with great organizational skills, clear communication, strong leadership and the ability to set and enforce deadlines. Managing Directors do not work within a specific area.

Publishing Director: In charge of ensuring the journal’s successful publication each April.Will work closely with DoIT printing to finalize the journal’s layout and graphic design.

Outreach Coordinator: In charge of heightening the profile and visibility of MJLC both at UW-Madison and universities nation-wide. Will be in contact with various English/Literature Departments across the country for the purpose of soliciting submissions. Ideal for those with interest/experience in public relations. 

Financial Director: In charge of the journal’s finances, including documenting any journal purchases and drawing up the annual budget proposal. Will also be responsible for procuring funds for the following year’s budget. Ideal for those interested in the financial side of publishing. X

Web Director: In charge of working with DoIT to update and maintain the journal’s website. Ideal for those with interest/experience in website construction and web design.

Layout Designer: In charge of creating the publication template and filling it when pieces are chosen. Will work on indesign. 

Graphic Designer: In charge of creating digital images and designs for the website, social media, and the publication. Will work closely with Layout Designer.