Our Review Process

All submissions are read and critiqued through a blind review process. An essay is first read by one member of the board. If it meets the basic criteria, the paper is put through to a second round and read by one or more additional staff members. Each subsequent round, the essay is judged to a stricter standard of the criteria and read by more editors. The final decision for a publishable paper is made after the entire staff has read the paper and can discuss it as a group, comparing it to the other submissions being considered for publication.

If a paper is ultimately seen as fit for publication, the staff copy edits the essay and returns it to the author for review. He or she may accept or deny any changes. Finally, the essay is published along side the other exemplary critical works in the newest edition of the Madison Journal of Literary Criticism. We typically publish the completed journal in May, which can be viewed online.

Any additional questions can be directed to mjlc@rso.wisc.edu.