External Resources

  1. What is the Carceral State?

For a more in-depth definition of the Carceral State, explore the University of Michigan’s interactive site.  

  1. Critical Resistance 

Operating across the nation, Critical Resistance is an activist group that provides local chapters with news, events, and educational toolkits to practice abolition. 

  1. Visualizing Abolition

Visualizing abolition is a series of recorded events hosted by Gina Dent bringing together artists, activists, scholars, and more to discuss their commitment to abolition. Learn from experts like Angela Davis in this captivating collaboration accompanying two abolitionist art exhibits: Barring Freedom and Solitary Garden. 

  1. Abolitionist Futures Reading List

Not sure where to start reading? Check out this updated 2022 curated reading list (including audio companions). Abolitionist Futures also provides blog articles, events, news, and reading groups. 

  1. Freedom Inc

Madison local nonprofit pairing leadership development, community programs and direct services to end violence from its root causes.