Devil’s Lake

Spring 2013 Issue

Garth Graeper: Brother Cabin [The English Lakes 4]

Running through the woods in all the bodies I love,

stitched together: a flexible skin rippling with memories

I’ve had to wash and dig holes for. Tiny shining things

buzz through the air and make my skin glow with fire,

cleaning it. You follow me home, dragging your worn-out body.

I’ll wash you, freshen your raw parts, burn your air clean.

I’ll give you a fox face, new teeth and fur to cover your mouth.

I’ll give us both the fox face, our body stuffed with hot, new

light. We’ll run and smell ourselves soaked.

a photo of the author, Garth Graeper GARTH GRAEPER is an editor at Ugly Duckling Presse, an eBook designer at Random House, and the author of two chapbooks, Into the Forest Engine (Projective Industries) and By Deer Light (Greying Ghost). Other poems from the Brother Cabin series have appeared in Bitter Oleander, Handsome, Inter|rupture, Leveler, Sidebrow, Sink Review, Sixth Finch, Spork Press, and Typo. More from this issue >