Devil’s Lake

Fall 2015 Issue

Peter Twal: If I Could See All My Friends Tonight

And you, saying the most disposable things at the little Italian café
You ordering your dinner like cigarette burn this, motion sickness that
I begin with a preprogrammed joke what’s the difference between God

and the Mars Rover Rumor has it in front of a mirror Death deals
with dandruff like the rest of us: avoiding all black
Death’s existential enlightenment— shedding skin in the shower

All my friends say some invisible man’s been murdering
residents of our apartment complex, but in the end, you point out
it was just a man in an invisibility suit and I feel relieved Your mouth
making movie set sounds I make a mental note: pick up food for pet turtle
soup on Wednesday
 Outside, later than ever, there was even a sky but no explanation

for your skin smearing when I helped you into the cab You, so filmy Your hair
too grainy to tell You, so black and white and deep
in my transistors it hurts

PETER TWAL is a first-generation Jordanian-American and holds down a day job as an electrical engineer. His poetry has appeared in or will soon in Kenyon Review Online, Ninth Letter Online, cream city review, The Journal, RHINO, Yemassee, New Delta Review, Bat City Review, DIAGRAM, New Orleans Review, Forklift, Ohio, and elsewhere. A recipient of the Samuel and Mary Anne Hazo Poetry Award, Peter earned his MFA from the University of Notre Dame, and currently, he is at work on a manuscript of sonnets titled Like a Sales Force into the Night. More from this issue >