Devil’s Lake

Fall 2016 Issue

John Bonnani: Afterpulse: Candlelight

It’s cold. The manhattan’s cherry circles years old At the pizza place where they usually have CNN What, of the bar, lapping Throw it into the fire All that light Will it explode? It’s a smell I keep with waves & the shore I am trying to read Stanley Almovodar the newspaper: Queen who lived when one counted your pills Don’t be that guy Angel Flores for you no moonlight in the screening not hyacinth It’s an announcement my lover & I Enrique L. Rios, Jr. watch when the boy’s mother holds a flower If only to sip it Each bone shard Only a sound when one poured your coffee Check. Call. Care. With lacquer Alejandro Barrios Martinez release me It is not a real question fireworks grinding Candelario Valentin Fernandez Some Chevy the sad music not even a root blew a light Even once years old the sun return Lethe depart

JOHN BONNANI lives on Cape Cod, where he serves as founding editor of Cape Cod Poetry Review. His work has appeared in Assaracus, Hayden’s Ferry Review, the Seattle Review, the Washington Square Review, and Prairie Schooner, among others. More from this issue >