Devil’s Lake

Fall 2016 Issue

Jonathan Dubow: Did You

did you hear the cuckoo’s cry lao sze chuan oseh shalom

under the oyster moon stone as a rubric

the beach plums

on the nude beach everyone mourned

go on mosquitos

jumping off a gibbous moon full with saltwater

i’m sullen as a towel in a tide pool

if i’m alive i’m goddamn cellulose

if you don’t fall asleep i’ll sing to you my whole life

Noon and Night

you unwrap your scarf one of us

thinks life is dust the other life

is a diamondback

frozen headwaters of the quinnipiac

orangutan snowplows in a lot

rain rolls off one eave onto another

rain whips the apple trees four deer

shake in the cornfield asking the

questions i came to have answered

The Way

as soon as i started everything ran

out of my head

what am i doing here i have a way

in slabodka they taught man

is great how can

he sin in navaradok they taught

man is small how dare he

sin i feel like i need to

hear heavy rain i still

wouldn’t know how to say how i feel

but there is a palace and it is in flames

mountain and sky office buildings

lovesick mausoleums long

strips of turquoise and red

a lady calls her dog inside



in a strawberry southern voice

all stories end but then

just keep going proximity

similarity continuation i have a

way i can’t turn

the ceiling fan off just down so

i consider the innermost volume

of the universe that sings always

replace us ha haha

Jonathan Dubow JONATHAN DUBOW lives in Pennsylvania and teaches at Shippensburg University. He has recent work in Across the Margin, Alien Mouth, Reality Beach, and elsewhere. More from this issue >