Devil’s Lake

Spring 2017 Issue

Tyler Kline: To go back

After Austin Smith

The teeth are unthreaded

from the twine. Wished back

into the mouth that sharpened them

like stones aimed at geese

breaking the surface of a pool.

The mouth removed like cigar matches

from the kitchen drawer. The robin’s nest

emptied of a gold button, garlic clove.

Where the motorcycle burned or the boy

slipped too quick out of his shadow—

flowers laid for both. In the garage

the belly of a lawn mower opened

like a bowl full of keys.

The almanac unlocked. A single

strand of horse hair broken.

The mother eases a cross into the mud

& lifts it up

to know the type of wound it makes.

a photo of the author, Tyler Kline TYLER KLINE is the author of the chapbook As Men Do Around Knives (ELJ Editions, 2016). He lives in Pennsylvania where he teaches middle school English and works on a vegetable farm in the summer. Visit him at More from this issue >