Director: Mary Trotter

Mary Trotter Admin

Mary Trotter has been a faculty member at UW-Madison since 2005, where she teaches a wide range of theatre and performance history and Irish Studies courses, from “Introduction to Theatre and Dramatic Literature,” to “American Theatre and Dramatic Literature to 1900,” to advanced seminars on theatre historiography and on the Irish Dramatic Movement. Her own research focuses mainly on modern Irish theatre, reflecting her larger interests in political performance, theatre and identity, gender and/in performance, transatlantic theatre and culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and historiography.

Mary’s publications include two books. Her first book, Ireland’s National Theaters: Political Performance and the Origins of the Irish Dramatic Movement (Syracuse University Press, 2001) examined the dynamic relationship between political activism and theatrical performance in Dublin from the formation of the Gaelic League in 1893 to the Easter Rebellion in 1916. Her second book, Modern Irish Theatre (Cultural History of Literature Series, Polity Press, 2008) offers a comprehensive look at the work of Irish playwrights, players and companies from the 1880s to the contemporary period. In addition, Mary has published articles and reviews in such journals as Modern Drama, Theatre Journal, Theatre Survey, Theatre Research International, and New Hibernia Review, and she has contributed book chapters to several edited theatre and performance collections. She is currently working on a new book monograph, “Actresses and Activists: Nationalism, Gender and Theatricality in Early 20th Century Ireland.” She serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Modern Drama (2007-present) and is the Immediate Past President of the American Conference for Irish Studies.

Steering Committee Member: Christine Garlough

Christine Garlough Admin

Christine Garlough is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Director for the Center for South Asia (2015-16), and affiliate of the Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore, Interdisciplinary Theater Studies, and the Center for the Study of Upper Midwestern Cultures. Her research constellates around issues of art and activism. Her work centers on how feminist groups, both in India and the South Asian diaspora, use street plays, poster work, performance art, and oral narratives to address social and political exigencies. As part of this work, she has developed the South Asian Feminist Activism Archive (SAFAA), which digitizes and catalogs rare Indian feminist posters. Her research appears in journals such as Quarterly Journal of Speech, Journal of American Folklore, Women’s Studies in Communication, Journal of American Folklore, and Western Folklore, as well as the edited volumes and her recently published scholarly monograph, Desi Devas: Activism in South Asian American Cultural Performance (2013). Her new book project, The Danger of Safe Space, takes up questions of restricting discourse to shared political or social viewpoints, and the relation of this to the ethics of care, activism, and acknowledgment in a range of contexts.

Steering Committee Member: Paola S. Hernández

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Paola S. Hernández, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, specializes in contemporary Latin American theatre and performance. She has published numerous articles on Southern Cone theatre, performance, memory politics, sites of memory, and human rights. She is the author El teatro de Argentina y Chile: Globalización, resistencia y desencanto (Corregidor, 2009), and a co-editor (with Brenda Werth and Florian Becker) of Imagining Human Rights in Twenty-First-Century Theater: Global Perwpectives (Palgrave, 2013). Her current research project examines the role of the “real” in theatre and visual arts with an emphasis on contemporary documentary theatre and urban ethnography in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Hernández is the South American drama editor for the Handbook of Latin American Studies, Library of Congress, as well as Book Review editor for Latin American Theatre Review. She has directed three student plays: Entre Villa y una mujer desnuda (2009), Aguila o sol (2011), and Música de balas (2015) at the Play Circle in Memorial Union.

Steering Committee Member: Michael Peterson
Peterson Core Faculty ITS

Michael Peterson, Associate Professor, Art, joined the UW faculty in 2000. He is a performance studies scholar, a performance artist, and a teacher. Michael teaches performance studies, dramatic literature, feminist theatre, and other subjects both in the ITS program and at the undergraduate level, as well as experimental production and performance art. Peterson’s research includes a critical study of Straight White Male Performance Art Monologues (Mississippi UP). a forthcoming book on performance culture in Las Vegas (Michigan UP), and work on animals, food, and objects in performance. His newest work is about performance in and about torture and other forms of cruelty. He has published articles in Performance Research, TDR, Theatre Annual, and numerous anthologies.

Michael makes performance works both individually and as part of the collaborative Spatula&Barcode, which specializes in audience-specific relational performance. Since 2008, Spatula&Barcode has produced independent and commissioned works in China, Uruguay, Brazil, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Morocco, Croatia, around the U.S., and for the 2013 Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. His 2013 project “Measures of the Lake” was funded by a Madison BLINK! grant and is part of a series on the science and culture of Madison lakes. His newest “solo” work is a barter-based performance that asks how much “acting” can be accomplished by voluntary participants. 2013 project “Measures of the Lake” was funded by a Madison BLINK! grant and is part of a series on the science and culture of Madison lakes. His newest “solo” work is a barter-based performance that asks how much “acting” can be accomplished by voluntary participants..

Program Coordinator: Brenda Weiss

Brenda Weiss became ITS Program Coordinator in Fall of 2015. She coordinates a wide range of administrative issues for the program, including processing prospective student applications, maintaining and managing current students’ records, and overseeing many of the logistical elements of our curricular and performance activities.