Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies MA/PhD alumni have established careers as teachers, independent scholars, and theatre practitioners internationally. This list includes the current positions of some of our alumni who have graduated since 2001. We look forward to adding more names to this list.

Jessica Berson (Ph.D. 2005), Lecturer, Dance Studies, Yale University
Kathleen Blum (Ph.D. 2001), Principal, Cliff Valley High School, Atlanta, GA
Kelly Bremner (Ph.D. 2008), Assistant Professor, Theatre, Emory and Henry College, Emory, VA
Stephen Burch (Ph.D. 2001), Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance, University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa
Jennifer Chapman (Ph.D. 2005), Associate Professor, Music and Theatre Arts, UW-Eau Claire
Lindsay Christians (M.A. 2008), Arts Writer for The Capital Times, Madison, WI
Jessica Gaspar Concepcíon (Ph.D. 2005) Associate Professor, Theatre, University of Puerto Rico – Cayay
John-Stuart Fauquet (Ph.D. 2011), Dramaturg and Director, New York, NY
Steve Feffer (Ph.D. 2003) Associate Professor, English, Western Michigan University
Sara Freeman (Ph.D. 2002) Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts, University of Puget Sound
Melissa Friesen (Ph.D. 2005) Professor, Theatre and Communication, Bluffton University
James Frieze (Ph.D. 2002), Lecturer, School of Media and Creative Arts, Liverpool University
Takeo Fujikura (Ph.D. 2008), Professor, Waseda University, Japan
Patricia Gaborik (Ph.D. 2003), Lecturer, UC-Berkeley Study Abroad Program, Rome
Catherine Gleason (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Teaching Professor, Theatre, University of Missouri – Columbia
Martine Kei Green-Rogers (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Professor, Theatre, University of Utah
Erika Hughes (Ph.D. 2009), Assistant Professor, Film, Dance and Theatre, Arizona State University
Kristin Hunt (Ph.D. 2006), Assistant Professor, Communication, Media and Theatre, Northeastern Illinois University
Julie Jackson (Ph.D. 2003), Professor, History, Dramaturgy, Text Analysis, Marshall University, Huntington, WV
Baron Kelly (Ph.D. 2003), Associate Professor, University of Louisville
Victoria Lantz (Ph.D. 2010), Visiting Professor of Theatre, Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX
Mary McAvoy (Ph.D. 2013) Assistant Professor, Theatre Education/Theatre for Youth, Arizona State University
Paulette Marty (Ph.D. 2003), Associate Professor, Theatre, Appalachian State University
David Mason (Ph.D. 2002), Associate Professor, Theatre, Rhodes College, Memphis TN
Allison Metz (Ph.D. 2008), Assistant Professor, Theatre, Grand Valley State University, Michigan
Cláudia Nascimento (Ph.D. 2002), Associate Professor, Wesleyan University
Deidre Onishi (Ph.D. 2007), Assistant Professor, Cameron University, Lawton, OK
Joohee Park (Ph.D. 2010), Adjunct Instructor, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea
John Polak (Ph.D. 2005), Directing and Acting in San Francisco
Cassandra Proball (M.A. 2004), Education Director, Duluth Playhouse, Duluth, MN
John Ray Proctor (2013), Assistant Professor, Tulane University
Kirsten Pullen (Ph.D. 2001), Associate Professor, Performance Studies, Texas A&M University
Pete Rydberg (Ph.D. 2012), Assistant Professor, Thiel College, Greenville, PA
Shannon Blake Skelton (Ph.D. 2013), Instructor, Theatre, Kansas State University
Michelle Solberg Ford (Ph.D. 2013), Associate Lecturer, Integrated Liberal Studies Program, UW-Madison
Anne Swedberg (Ph.D. 2006), Visiting Assistant Professor, Theatre, Wesleyan University
Angie Sweigert-Gallagher (Ph.D. 2008), Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University
Ryan Tvedt (Ph.D. 2010), Faculty, School of Humanities and Social Science Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
William Whitney (Ph.D. 2009), Administrator in the President’s Office and Adjunct Professor of Theatre, LeHigh University, Bethlehem, PA