NWAV 46 Registration


The registration process requires that all registrants provide a snail mail address. Beyond needing this information for financial purposes, receipts and the like, registration for NWAV46 in 2017 entitles delegates to a 2018 subscription to Language Variation and Change (LVC volume 30). LVC is the only journal dedicated exclusively to the study of linguistic variation and the capacity to deal with systematic and inherent variation in synchronic and diachronic linguistics. The journal is published tri-annually, in March, July, and October. Delegates should expect to receive their first copy of LVC in Spring 2018. The subscription is optional for student attendees.”


Registration for NWAV46 is here. Registration is handled by UW Extension, so you should notice this on the first page you get taken to. Preregistration rates are as follows:

  • Regular: $275
  • Students: $90 with LVC; $60 without LVC
  • Post-doc, emeritus: $180
  • Workshops: $30 each

T-shirts can be ordered through online preregistration through Monday, October 16, 2017. After this date, shirts, hoodies and pucks can be purchased onsite while supplies are available.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellation requests must be made in writing to: registrations@ecc.uwex.edu . $25 cancellation fee for cancellation requests received prior to October 20th, 2017. No refunds as of October 20th. Substitutions will be allowed.

Onsite Registration

Any attendees who have not preregistered for the Meeting by the Monday, October 16 deadline will need to register onsite during the hours listed immediately above. Onsite registration fees are:

  • Regular: $375
  • Students: $120 with LVC; $90 without LVC
  • Post-doc, emeritus: $210
  • Workshops: $60 each

In addition to the usual personal and financial information, the registration process collects information on crash space, sign interpretation, t-shirts, pucks and other accommodations. You can let us know if you need something through the registration process or email us at the usual nwav46@english.wisc.edu address.

One change to the registration process from Vancouver is that while you can pay in cash on site, you will be able to pay with check and credit as well. One quirk is that receipts for onsite registrations will come to you via email from UW Extension, not at the time of ‘purchase.’

NWAV 46 T-Shirts
T-shirts have long represented a degree of institutional pride by NWAV hosts. We strive to continue in this tradition with the offering of hockey themed t-shirts this year. There will be a number of ways to order your t-shirts, but note that WI State tax will be collected regardless of how you want to pay for the t-shirts.

  1. With your registration before or at the conference by credit card.
  2. With your registration at the conference by cash/check/charge.
  3. At the conference with cash/check.

Orders must be placed by Monday, October 16, 5:00 pm Central Time and payment will be with your registration. If you order late, we will try to reserve one for you—but no promises.

    • T-shirt front


  • T-shirt back

Note bene, you cannot purchase one of these fine t-shirts at the conference with credit card (but ATMs are near-by, or just purchase one in advance). By the time we drop the puck to start NWAV46, you and all your friends can be sporting the appropriate fashion … NWAV46 t-shirts (long or short sleeve) or hoodie, designed to resemble the University of Wisconsin’s hockey jersey. Check out the pics below!

  • Short sleeve: $10
  • Long sleeve: $15
  • Hoodie: $35

You want the hoodie. You know you do, er no.

NWAV 46 Pucks
In addition to the t-shirts and hoodies, we have commemorative pucks! Yup. Pucks (or black, rubberized paper weights). $5. Order with your registration or pick up on-site.

NWAV46 ● PROGRESS ● November 2-5 ● Madison, Wisconsin
NWAV46 is a harassment free conference (See NWAV policy and UW System and UW-Madison policies)