About Us

The Renaissance Colloquium is a gathering of graduate students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who study and research British and continental literature and culture from the late-15th through the 17th centuries. The Colloquium offers a friendly space in which young and established scholars can share their research and pursue intellectual inquiry into the period we call ‘early modern’.

While the Renaissance Colloquium’s focus is primarily British and literary, the group also engages with popular and material culture, religion, history, philosophy, colonial studies, gender studies, visual culture, and theory of and relating to the period and spanning geographically from Britain and Ireland to the Continent, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Through our schedule of invited speakers and presentations by faculty and graduate students, the Renaissance Colloquium aims to serve as a sounding board for the work of our members and to introduce and discuss new approaches to the study of literary and cultural production.


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