5th Prescriptivism Conference

Just back from presenting the Grammar Badgers project at the 5th Prescriptivism Conference, hosted by Brigham Young University in Utah from June 22-24, 2017.  The conference touched on topics such as the influence of style guides, the turn to ‘big data,’ the overall value of studying prescriptivism for the discipline of linguistics, and the questionable binarity of ‘prescriptive’ vs. ‘descriptive’ as such. Great people, great talks, great conference organization

… great place

…and great people.


Linguistic Lunch Hour with Trini Stickle

It was my great pleasure this week to host Professor Trini Stickle (Western Kentucky University), an alumna of our Ph.D. program in English Language and Linguistics. Trina and I talked about our joint research on the grammar of persons diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer’s Disease (an article version of this talk has just been published in Applied Linguistics). Additionally, Professor Stickle gave a brownbag on the job market in linguistics. It was great to have her back in Madison!