Short CV


Positions held since Ph.D.

  • Faculty Affiliate (Executive Committee member), Language Sciences, UW-Madison
  • since 2011: Professor, Department of English
  • 2006-2011: Associate Professor, Department of English
  • 2003: Visiting Professor, University of Gießen (Germany), Department of English
  • 2000-2005: Assistant Professor, Department of English

Service and leadership in higher education

  • Chair, Department of English (2019-)
  • Provost Fellow (2019-2020): Participated in weekly meetings of Provost Executive Group to learn about university-wide initiatives, setting of priorities, and crisis management. Worked with Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs to promote formalization of faculty mentorship initiative.
  • Committee on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities (2019-): Review committee for non-renewal decisions and allegations of faculty misconduct
  • Chair, Provost Search and Screen Committee (2019)
  • Fellow, Big Ten Alliance Academic Leadership Program (2018-19): Yearlong professional development program to learn about the organization of large research universities, the attributes of effective leadership, and the challenges of higher education
  • University Committee (2015-2018, chair 2017-18): Executive Committee of the UW-Madison Faculty Senate, advising university leadership on questions concerning educational interests or policies,
  • Co-Chair, Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Advisory Group (2017-2019): Advising accreditation core team on sources of evidence for federal accreditation criteria from faculty perspective, also trained as peer reviewer for Higher Learning Commission 
  • Language Sciences Program Planning Committee (2014-2016): Planning reorganization of Linguistics Department and creation of “Language Sciences” program
  • University Budget Model Development Committee (2014-15): Advising university leadership on developing a new, partly performance-based, budget allocation model
  • Arts & Humanities Divisional Committee (2013-2016): Making recommendations to Dean on tenure and promotion
  • Associate Chair, English Department (2011-2015): Overseeing curriculum and assignment of TAs, also Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Graduate School Research Committee Arts & Humanities (2009-2011): Making decisions on intramural research awards (“summer support”, named professorships).


  • (under contract with Cambridge University Press): Discourse Syntax: English Grammar beyond the Sentence
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  • Verbklassifizierung und aspektuelle Alternationen im Englischen. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer (= Linguistische Arbeiten 398). 1999.

Selected Articles

  • Transitivity patterns exhibited by persons with dementia in conversation, co-authored with Trini Stickle. Applied Linguistics, amx001. doi: 10.1093/applin/amx001. 2017.
  • Genre variation, co-authored with Heidrun Dorgeloh. In: Bas Aarts, Jillian Bowie, and Geri Popova (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of English Grammar. Oxford University Press. 2020.
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  • Formulaic argumentation in scientific discourse, co-authored with Heidrun Dorgeloh. In: Roberta Corrigan, Edith A. Moravcsik, Hamid Ouli and Kathleen M. Wheatley (eds.): Formulaic Language. Volume 2: Acquisition, Loss, Psychological Reality, and Functional Explanations. (Typological Studies in Language 83.) pp. 523-544. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 2009.
  • Comfort zones of orality: how participants override the structural characteristics of a discussion forum. In: Sally Magnan (ed.): Mediating Discourse Online. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. pp. 125-149. 2008.