Our Members


Monique Allewaert, English
Sara Guyer, English
Kristina Huang, English
Theresa Kelley, English
Nancy Rose Marshall, Art History
Mario Ortiz-Robles, English
Michelle Schwarze, Political Science
Robin Valenza, English
Mark Vareschi, English

Graduate Students

Andrew Barrow
Research Interests: The intersection between taste culture and waste in eighteenth-century literature, eighteenth-century rhetoric relating to population growth and decline.

Kiawna Brewster
Research Interests: Victorian literature (gothic/sensation fiction); eighteenth-century women writers; Anglo-Italian relations; English reception of Italian literature/culture; translation studies; feminist translation theory

Elinor Hayden
Research Interests: Victorian culture and the novel; fin de siècle and the Aesthetic Movement; gender and sexuality studies; disability studies and writing the body

Erica Kanesaka Kalnay
Research Interests: Transnational children’s literature and culture, Asian diaspora studies, Victorian and Neo-Victorian studies, affect theory, aesthetic theory, critical race theory, visual and material culture

Ruth Kellar
Research Interests: British texts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; critical theory and philosophy; German Romanticism

Dissertation: Romantic Character: Tracking a Rhetoric of Singularity

Shuta Kiba
Research Interests: British Romanticism, especially Wordsworth and Coleridge and their concepts of “habit” and “imagination”

Benjamin Klug
Research Interests:  The appearance of science fiction as a genre, its rapid development into a popular literature, and what that tells us about the cultural moment of the early 1800s

Annemarie Lisko
Research Interests: British Romantic poetry, Italian literary and cultural influences on British Romanticism, translation and translation theory, and memory studies

Sabrina Manero
Research Interests: Victorian literature (both fiction and poetry), the gothic genre, eighteenth-century consciousness theory, affect theory, trauma studies, and gender and sexuality studies

Richard Ness
Research Interests: British Romantic poetry, rhetoric, environmental humanities, the history and philosophy of science, critical theory, digital rhetoric

Dissertation: Vibrant Meter: The Rhetorical Ecology of Romanticism

Naomi Salmon
Research Interests: Print culture and book history, serial publication, participatory culture, and game studies

Dissertation: The Borrowers: Claiming Textual Authority in the Victorian Literary Sphere

Liz Scheer
Research Interests: British Romantic poetry, affect theory, political theory, visual culture

Jared Seymour
Research interests: 19th-century British literature; the novel; critical animal studies, critical theory

Dissertation: The Idea of Species in the Victorian Novel

Andrew Thibaudeau

Research Interests: 19th-Century American Literature, American Gothic Literature, history of science, visual culture, figuration

Thomas Van Camp
Research Interests: 19th century British literature, romanticism, poetry, and critical theory

Aaron Vieth
Research Interests: 19th-century British literature, novel theory, print culture and book history, thing theory, digital humanities

Dissertation: The Evidence of Things in the Victorian Novel