GSA Officers


  • Co-Chairs, 2017-2018: Robert T. Collins and Ivan Babanovski
  • Financial Chair: Angela Zito
  • Social Chair: Elinor Hayden
  • Record Keepers: Sarah Olson and Liam Kruger
  • Publicity Officers: Aaron Vieth and Ruth Kellar
  • Department Liaison: Anna Muenchrath
  • Chairs Emeriti: Leah Pope and Emily Loney, 2016-2017; Aaron Vieth and Anna Muenchrath, 2015-2016; Maggie Hamper and Sharon Yam, 2014-2015; Leah Misemer and Amy Huseby, 2013-2014; Mattie Burkert and Catherine DeRose, 2012-2013; Leigh Elion, 2011-2012; Kate Fedewa and Emily Madsen, 2010-11; Kevin Boettcher and Jessie Reeder, 2009-10; Eric Vivier, 2008-09; Claire Falck, 2007-08; Kristiane Stapleton 2006-07; Katie Lynch, 2005-06; Kevin Piper 2004-05.