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2016 Driftless Prize, Prose: Cynthia Robinson: “Community”

In my pocket, three beads of ancient, yellowed bone. Warm—they feel alive. A cockleshell, pierced at the tip; my fingers like its ridges. … Read more >

2016 Driftless Prize, Poetry: Julie Henson: “Speculative Folklore of a Great-Great”

Keeper of jars filled with gallstones, her own. Keeper of dead / brother’s anklebone, the one he broke that didn’t heal. … Read more >

2015 Driftless Prize, Fiction: Caitlin Fitzpatrick: “Make This Tame”

Exactly eighty-five miles after they pass from Utah into Colorado, Miranda’s father pulls off of CO-135 and takes the exit marked “Monarch Pass. … Read more >

2015 Driftless Prize, Poetry: Lindsey Alexander: “Sleepless in Indiana, I Contemplate the …

Dog that won’t stop barking and all I can think: I don’t know anything about stars—not what they’re called or how they form, but how … Read more >

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