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Lab Assistants

Glenn Starr is a PhD student in English Language & Linguistics at UW-Madison. He is interested in pursuing further study in the areas of Second Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics. Prior to attending UW-Madison, Glenn spent over a decade in East Asia studying Chinese and Korean while also gaining experience as an instructor of English as a Foreign Language.

Hyun Bae is a PhD student in English Language & Linguistics at UW-Madison. His current research interests are multilingual education and cross-linguistic influence. Prior to his pursuit of a PhD, he worked as a researcher in the field of education and taught English and Chinese in South Korea. He received his MS in Education Language at the University of Edinburgh and BA in English at Yanbian University of Science and Technology.

YPeigen ZhouPeigen Zhou is a PhD student in Department of Statistics, UW-Madison. His current interests are survey inference, Machine Learning, Non-parametric method, and Bayesian analysis. Before coming to Madison, Peigen studied in School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC).