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Articles in Refereed Journals

“Occupy Bartleby,” J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists 2.2 (Fall 2014) 253-72. PDF

“After Critique?” ELN 51.2 (Fall/Winter 2014) [co-authored with David Glimp].

“State Secrets: Ben Franklin and WikiLeaks,” Critical Inquiry 39 (Spring 2013): 425-50. PDF

“Exploring Security: Discussions with Jane Guyer, Stuart Elden, Russ Castronovo, and Michael Hardt,” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory 22 (April 2013): 62-68.

“Un-Haunted House: Spirits, Solid Citizens, and Babbitt,” Transatlantica: Revue d’ÉtudesAméricaines/American Studies Journal 1 (2013). URL

“Planes, Trains, and What Was African American Literature?African American Review 44.4(Fall 2012): 578-82.

"Epistolary Propaganda: Forgery and Revolution in the Atlantic World" Boundary 2 38 (Fall 2011). PDF

"Writers and Presidents, Black and White," Novel: A Forum on Fiction 44.1 (2011): 144-48.

"Teaching the Good," Journal of Narrative Theory 41 (summer 2011): 167-74.

"Disciplinary Panic: A Response to Ed White and Michael Drexler, American Literary History 22 (Summer 2010): 495-500. [also published in Early American Literature 45 (2010): 485-90]. PDF

"Propaganda, Prenational Critique, and Early American Literature," American Literary History 21 (Spring 2009): 183-210. Reprinted in Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism (Columbia, SC: Layman Poupard, 2011). PDF

"'On Imperialism, see…': Ghosts of the Present in Cultures of United States Imperialism" American Literary History 20 (Fall 2008): 427-38. PDF

"Beauty along the Color Line: Lynching, Aesthetics, and The Crisis PMLA 121 (October 2006): 1443-59. PDF

"American Literature Internationale," ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance. Special Issue: American Literary Globalism 50 (2005): 59-93.

"Global Irony: Politics inside Globalization inside Americanization" Genre 38, special issue on "Circulating America" (Fall/Winter 2005): 257-80.

"Death to the American Renaissance: History, Heidegger, Poe," ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance 49 (2005): 179-92. PDF

"Introduction: A 'Hive of Subtlety': Aesthetics and the End(s) of Cultural Studies" [co-authored with Christopher Castiglia] American Literature 76.3 (September 2004): 423-435. PDF

"Geo-Aesthetics: Fascism, Globalism, and Frank Norris" boundary 2 30.3 (Fall 2003): 157-84. PDF

"Race and Other Clichés," American Literary History 14 (Fall 2002): 551-65. PDF

"'That Half-Living Corpse': Hawthorne and the Occult Public Sphere," REAL: Yearbook of Research in English and American Literature 18, special issue on "Law and Literature" (2002): 231-58.

"Elián, Iola Leroy, and Other Reluctant Citizens" CR: The New Centennial Review 1 (Winter 2001): 23-54. PDF

"Within the Veil of Interdisciplinary Knowledge? Jefferson, Du Bois, and the Negation of Politics," New Literary History 31 (Autumn 2000): 781-804. PDF

"Political Necrophilia" boundary 2 27 (Summer 2000): 113-48. PDF

"Sexual Purity, White Men, and Slavery: Emerson and the Self-Reliant Body" Prospects: An Annual of American Cultural Studies 25 (2000): 193-227.

"The Antislavery Unconscious: Mesmerism, Vodun, and 'Equality'" Mississippi Quarterly 53 (Winter 1999-2000): 41-56. PDF

"Incidents in the Life of a White Woman: Economies of Race and Gender in the Antebellum Nation" American Literary History 10 (Summer 1998): 239-265. PDF

"'As to Nation, I Belong to None': Ambivalence, Diaspora, and Frederick Douglass" ATQ: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture 9 (September 1995): 245-60. Link

"Who Wants Interdisciplinary Turf Anyway?" Nineteenth-Century Contexts 19 (Fall 1995): 85-88.

"Radical Configurations of History in the Era of American Slavery" American Literature 65 (September 1993): 523-47. Reprinted in Subjects and Citizens: Nation, Race, and Gender from "Oroonko" to Anita Hill, ed. Michael Moon and Cathy Davidson (Durham: Duke University Press, 1995): 169-93. PDF

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Essays and Book Chapters

“Transnational Aesthetics” in The Cambridge Companion to Transnational American Literature, ed. Yogita Goyal (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, forthcoming 2015).

“Thirteen Propositions about Propaganda” [co-authored with Jonathan Auerbach], The Oxford Handbook to Propaganda Studies (New York: Oxford UP, 2013) 1-16.Hungarian translation in Apetúra: Film, Vizualitás, Elmélet (2014). PDF

“Introduction,” The Literature of Propaganda, 3 vols.(Detroit: St. James Press, 2013) xiii-xvi.

"Poetry, Prose, and the Form of Politics" The Blackwell Companion to American Literary Studies, ed. Caroline Levander and Robert S. Levine. (New York: Blackwell, 2011) 15-28.

"'Action, Action, Action': Nineteenth-Century Literature for Twenty-first Century Citizenship" [co-authored with Dana Nelson], The Oxford Handbook to Nineteenth-Century American Literature, ed. Russ Castronovo (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2011).

"'That Half-Living Corpse: Female Mediums, Séances, and the Occult Public Sphere" in The Blithedale Romance, Norton Critical Edition, ed. Richard Millington (New York: Norton, 2010) 359-84.

"Introduction," The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2010).

"Imperialism, Orientalism, and Empire," Cambridge History of the American Novel, ed. Leonard Cassuto et al. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

"Fahrenheit 1861: Cross Patriotism in Melville and Douglass" [co-authored with Dana Nelson] in Frederick Douglass and Herman Melville: Essays in Relation, ed. Robert S. Levine and Samuel Otter (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming) 329-48.

"Theme for African American Literature B" in Black Texts/White Critics, ed. Lisa Long (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2005): 29-39.

"Aesthetic" in Keywords for American Cultural Studies, ed. Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler (New York: New York University Press, 2007): 10-12.

"Death" in American History through Literature, 1820-1870, ed. Janet Gabler-Hover and Robert Sattelmeyer (Detroit: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2006): 311-16.

"The Art of Ghost-Writing: Memory, Materiality, and Slave Aesthetics" in In Search of Hannah Crafts, ed. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (New York: Basic Books, 2004) 195-212.

"National Narrative and National History," A Companion to American Fiction, 1780-1865, ed. Shirley Samuels (Oxford: Blackwell, 2004): 434-44.

"Souls That Matter: Social Death and the Pedagogy of Dead Citizenship" in Materializing Democracy, ed. Russ Castronovo and Dana Nelson (Durham: Duke University Press, 2002) 116-43.

"Materializing Democracy and Other Political Fantasies" [co-authored with Dana Nelson] in Materializing Democracy, ed. Russ Castronovo and Dana Nelson (Durham: Duke University Press, 2002) 1-21.

"Nation dot com: American Studies and the Production of the Corporatist Citizen" in The Futures of American Studies, ed. Donald Pease and Robyn Wiegman (Durham: Duke University Press, 2002) 536-56.

"Introduction to Michael Warner, 'The Mass Public and the Mass Subject'" in American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader, ed. Michael Elliot and Claudia Stokes (New York: New York University Press, 2002) 243-45.

"Enslaving Passions: White Male Sexuality and the Compulsive Evasion of Race" in The Puritan Origins of American Sex: Religion, Sexuality, and National Identity in American Literature, ed. Tracy Fessenden, Nicholas Radel, and Magdalena Zaborowska (New York: Routledge, 2000): 145-68.

"Framing the Slave Narrative/Framing Discussion" in Approaches to Teaching the Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, ed. James Hall (New York: Modern Language Association, 1999) 42-48.

"Compromised Narratives along the Border: The Mason-Dixon Line, Resistance, and Hegemony" in Border Theory: The Limits of Cultural Politics, ed. David Johnson and Scott Michaelsen (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997): 195-220. Reprinted as "Narrativas comprometidas a lo largo de la frontera: la línea Mason-Dixon, la resistencica y la hegemonía" in Teoría de la frontera (Gedisa: Barcelona, 2003).

"Beloved as Political Rememory: Towards a Transvaluation of American Freedom" in Beloved, She's Mine, ed. Claudine Raynaud and Genevieve Fabre (Paris: CETANLA, 1993): 35-44.

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Op-Eds and Commentaries

“What Mark Twain Tells Us about the Super Bowl Controversy,” The Progressive Media Project, January 29, 2014 [reprinted in multiple newspapers, including Denver Sun, Detroit News, Las Vegas Sun, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Seattle Times]: URL | PDF

“‘Walking Dead’ and the real Zombie America,” Wisconsin State Journal, October 7, 2013. URL

“Benjamin Franklin, Defense Witness for Bradley Manning,” The Progressive Media Project, May 13, 2013 [reprinted in multiple newspapers, including Kansas City Star, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Providence Journal, Anchorage Daily News, Bellingham Herald, Bradenton Herald]: URL | PDF

“‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Feeds Our Social Fantasies,” The Progressive Media Project, June 29, 2012 [reprinted in multiple newspapers, including Sacramento Bee, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Savannah Morning News, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review,Juneau Empire, Bradenton Herald]: URL | PDF

“Democracy in America… and Wisconsin,” Social Text (blog),, April 14, 2011.

“Rights of Workers Important to Everyone, Including Students,” The Progressive Media Project, February 18, 2011 [reprinted in multiple newspapers including Sacramento Bee, Bellingham Herald, Standard Examiner, Columbia Daily Tribune]: URL | PDF

"Inequality persists despite 'Talented 20' proposal," Miami Herald, December 3, 1999, 11B [Op-Ed article on Gov. Jeb Bush's plan to end affirmative action]

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Review of Andrew Lyndon Knighton, Idle Threats: Men and the Limits of Productivity in Nineteenth-Century America, New England Quarterly 86 (September 2013): 521-24.

Review of Richard Bell, We Shall Be No More: Suicide and Self-Government in the Newly United States, Early American Literature 48.3 (2013): 771-74.

Review of Kenneth Tucker, Workers of the World, Enjoy! Aesthetic Politics from Revolutionary Syndicalism to the Global Justice Movement, American Historical Review (April 2014).

Review of Desirée Henderson, Grief and Genre in American Literature, 1790-1870, Review 19, (May 2011).

Review of Paul Jay, Global Matters: The Transnational Turn in Literary Studies, Modern Fiction Studies 57 (December 2011): 792-94.

Review of Jodi Dean, Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies: Communicative Capitalism and Left Politics, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 13 (2011) 334-36.

Review of Bryan Waterman, Republic of Intellect: The Friendly Club of New York City and the Making of American Literature, Early American Literature 43 (2008): 508-11.

Review of Max Cavitch, American Elegy: The Poetry of Mourning from the Puritans to Whitman, Eighteenth-Century Studies 41 (2007): 123-24.

Review of Arthur Riss, Race, Slavery, and Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature, Journal of American History (September 2007).

Review essay of Ruth Bohan, Looking into Walt Whitman: American Art, 1850-1920 and Phillip Schweighauser, The Noises of American Literature: Towards a History of Literary Acoustics, American Literature 79 (June 2007): 422-24.

Review of Michael Gilmore, Surface and Depth: The Quest for Legibility in American Culture, Modern Philology 103 (February 2006) 445-48.

Review of Jonathan Markovitz, Legacies of Lynching: Racial Violence and Memory, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies 7 (2005) 406-08.

Review essay of David Kazanjian, The Colonizing Trick: National Culture and Imperial Citizenship in Early American and Elizabeth Samet, Willing Obedience: Citizens, Soldiers, and the Progress of Consent in America, 1776-1898, American Literature 77 (March 2005): 179-81.

Review of Judith Richardson, Possessions: The History and Uses of Haunting in the Hudson Valley, Journal of American History (March 2005) 1477-78.

Review of Jared Gardner, Master Plots: Race and the Founding of an American Literature, 1787-1845, Modern Philology 99 (February 2002) 443-46.

Review of Anita Haya Patterson, From Emerson to King: Democracy, Race, and the Politics of Protest, Modern Language Quarterly 60 (1999): 123-25.

Review Essay of Saidiya Hartman, Scenes of Subjection: Terror, Slavery, and Self-Making in Nineteenth-Century America and Maggie Sale, The Slumbering Volcano: American Slave Ship Revolts and the Production of Rebellious Masculinity, American Literature 70 (Winter 1998): 675-78.

Review of Angela McRobbie, Back To Reality, Borderlines: Studies in American Culture 4 (1997): 204-206.

Review of Len Gougeon and Joel Myerson, ed., Emerson's Antislavery Writings, Nineteenth-Century Contexts 20 (1997) 253-55.

Review of Nancy Bentley, The Ethnography of Manners: Hawthorne, James, Wharton, Borderlines: Studies in American Culture 3 (1996): 441-43.

Review Essay of Eric Lott, Love and Theft: Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class and Eric Sundquist, To Wake the Nations: Race in the Making of American Literature, Nineteenth-Century Contexts (Spring 1996): 332-37.

Review of Lauren Berlant, The Anatomy of National Fantasy: Hawthorne, Utopia, and Everyday Life, American Literature 64 (March 1992): 160-61.

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Short Essays

“Will Teach for Meaning,” Journal of Narrative Theory 41 (summer 2011): 165-66. [co-authored]

“The Literature of Parking Lots,” While I Was There: Life at Berkeley, 1960-2010, ed. Beth Barany and David Herrera (Los Angeles: Rebus, 2010) 41-43.

“The Political Value of English,” e-Annotations (February 2010) URL

"The Pit and the Gothic Chiasmus," Poe Studies 36 (2004) 118-21.

"The Home Front: Hollywood at War" (spring 2003)

"American Studies" Arts and Sciences (spring 2001) 4.

"William Wells Brown" in Issues and Identities in Literature (Pasadena: Salem Press, 1997) 195-96.

"The Narrative of William W. Brown" in Issues and Identities in Literature (Pasadena: Salem Press, 1997): 699-700.

"Harriet Jacobs" in Reference Guide to American Literature, 3rd ed. (St. James Press, August 1994).

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