After finishing up Propaganda 1776, a book that examines the connections between communications and democracy in early America, Iíve embarked on a project about conservatism. It strikes me that liberal academics (myself included) know very little about conservative ideology and its relationship to literary production, meaning, and circulation. So far, my scope is broad, and Iím reading everything from Edmund Burke (Reflections on the Revolution in France and Letters on a Regicide Peace) to Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged).

My initial work on this topic is taking shape as a talk/essay entitled, ďSex and the Conservative Girl.Ē Stay tuned: Iím in the early stages of this work and Iíll hope to provide sharper definitions in the coming months.

General Interests: American studies, aesthetic and political theory, popular and mass culture

Teaching Statement: I am interested in the uses of literature in forming critical citizenship. In my classes, this interest entails a commitment to analytic exchange and dialogue, collective interpretation, and interdisciplinary pursuits of knowledge. My classes seek to implement this approach by ranging across topics such as popular culture, eighteenth-, nineteenth-, and twentieth-century American literature.